Below are some selected past projects. I can't share my most recent work publicly just yet – check the Graphic section for recent visual work.


Art/Design Direction

Graphic Design

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Tiffany & Co.


American Express

Verizon Wireless


Nike+ Running

Interaction and interface design, illustration, prototyping, and feature development for Nike's flagship fitness apps on iOS & Android.

The relaunch of Nike+ Running entailed of a total redesign of the iOS app (formerly Nike+ GPS) and an eagerly awaited debut on Android. New features like friend tagging and Photo Sharing connected runners, while Challenges, Leaderboards, and Coach brought competition and training to the platform. During this time the app saw consistently high ratings as the active user base grew from 4 to 10 million users.

I worked closely with developers to create a visual system that could be easily extended to accomodate new features. Designing for iOS and Android in parallel meant deciding how to balance unique and native design patterns – a moving target as iOS 7 went flat and Material Design emerged.

> Press-and-hold Lock animation


Coach allows runners to setup a training program based on their goals of distance and speed/intensity. Prototyping was key to this feature, as there are seemingly countless considerations when designing a customizable dynamic training program.


This social feature gives runners the ability to take photos during or after their run, right from the app. Photos can be personalized by adding metrics, route maps and making unique mutli-photo collages and shared.

Runners were already sharing runs in a DIY manner with screenshots and collage apps. We brought this action into the app making the input easier and the output more consistent.

> Swoosh-inspired collage grid

I created a unique (Swoosh-inspired) collage grid to give Nike Running an easy-to-recgonize presence online. Dynamic stickers gave runners from around the globe unique images to share, and the format was used online and in-store for campaigns and contests.

> Nike's Facebook, Instagram, and a Tumblr (via Gene Lu)


Google Wallet

Interface and interaction design for the launch of Google's first mobile payments product.

An exercise in UX reduction in order to help one of the first mobile payment products to compete with existing and deeply engrained methods.


R/GA FutureVision

Responsive web design for a digital reboot of R/GA's monthly editorial collection of digital trends.

Working with a small nimble team of designers, developers and editors to create reusable design patterns, and develop content strategy recommendations to make sure design and content would support each other while as the site evolves.

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