I’m designer and director with 12 years of experience making digital experiences for global audiences, small startups, and everything in between.

I've designed for most screens – pre-smartphone mobile operating systems, interactive retail displays, connected TVs, and (of course) responsive web sites and native apps. I've worked both agency and client sides, most recently designing a new digital payments platform for American Express. Previously, I worked in the Mobile & Emerging Platforms group at R/GA, where I helped to design Google Wallet (v1) and the Nike+ Running apps (v4.0–7). Currently, I'm a Senior Art Director at Critical Mass.

I'm happiest playing where branding, user experience, and technology intersect. Lately, I’ve had a chance to explore new mediums including voice interfaces, WebXR, and 360º pano painting.

Talks & Events—

Design Coach, Penn Design Challenge
Philadelphia, 2015

The Web Designer's Toolkit, Future of Web Design
New York City, 2012

A Responsive Workflow, R/GA Mobile Summit
New York City, 2011


Jeremyville: Sessions
IdNPRO, 2007

Semi-Permanent Sydney, 2006

Philadelphia, 2005