Amex Serve

UX + Research / UI / Design System / Service Design
The Enterprise Growth group at Amex functioned like an “internal startup.” We managed non-credit digital products centered around mobile payments and personal finance management, with user experience and technology at the center of our work.

As a Senior Manager of Experience Design, I was responsible for the output of a design team of UX designers, Visual designers, and UI engineers.


Design is more than wireframes and visuals. By fostering an inclusive design process that includes product, engineering, and brand teams in the process, we were able to move quickly: 

  • identifying customer pain-points, business opportunities as they arise

  • expressing design solutions in low, medium, and high-fidelity

  • validating and overcoming technical constraints

  • regularly prototyping and testing user flows

  • shipping new features + generating data from which to learn

    I employ design as a cross-functional service, not a deliverable – supporting and connecting dots between teams from concept to delivery.

    IA + NAV

    An expanding feature set outgrew Serve’s existing IA, resulting in an ever-expanding set of navigation drawers that lead to a mix of overview pages, detail pages, and flows.

    I conducted a site audit, led card sorting exercises, and user-tested several IA options to validate an optimized navigation system.

    We also extensively tested new language to make sure the meaning of words was clear with our audience.

    The result was a simplified navigation that used no dropdown menus, instead organizing content into new overview pages that better served to organize and educate users about all available features.

    Digital Gift Cards 

    A ground-up redesign to modernize Amex’s gift card platform for B2C and bulk B2B orders, reconsidering every touchpoint and service.

    An outdated and error-prone system for bulk orders (often over $1MM) required customers to place a phone call, details were manually recorded in a spreadsheet, and fulfilled by PDF email attachment.

    We reimagined the end-to-end experience, working closely with engineering to allow new orders to be placed in a few clicks, with subscription or future orders managed and automated all from a single hub.

    We delivered a fully-featured self-service B2B portal where clients can manage accounts, place and modify orders, and upload custom card art.

    I created a unique sub-brand as a subset of styles from the parent brand, using a distinctly sans-serif type system, and expanded color palette, and a custom UI functionality.

    T o help support a visual identity for the new platform, I explored a range of graphics, patterns, and animation styles to bring the visual concept of “card” to life.

    We deconstructed the card art into a background, foreground, and color theme – this allowed mix-and-match customization between assets.

    We built a digital card experience where users could choose background patterns, overlay message typography, adjust the color themes, and add a custom message.

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    WORK /


    Design Systems Digital brand & UI systems

    Mobile + Fintech Mobile payments, PFM

    Web Design Collected web design


    Norwegian Redesign Ecomm UX/UI

    Amex Serve Apps Product design UX/UI

    Bellhop Assistant Voice Chat/TV UX/UI

    Nike+ Running App Mobile UX/UI


    Wove Brand identity system

    With/Stand Brand identity

    Leaps Experiential activation

    Logos+Lettering Custom type & graphics