SCOPEExperiential Installation / Concept / PrototypesSUMMARY
The location: a week-long innovation-focused conference in downtown LA.

The theme: “Dare to Leap.”

The need: an outdoor activation space where people can gather, interact with content, and learn more about the ideas presented at the conference.

In the spirit of “leaps” we re-imagined the infamous Lyon 25 stairs to scale.

The face of the steps was comprised of hundreds of connected LED displays, turning the steps into a giant display of real-time generative art.

We designed the interior space to be a casual meeting place, host to fireside chats with guests and speakers, or somewhere to take a break between events.

This project was both digital and physical, conceptual and tactical, animated and structural.

The graphics, typography, and generative art needed to come alive in a cohesive way.

To tie everything together, I transformed the conference’s themes of innovation into a visual language, parameterizing the visual properties of graphic shapes and patterns.

In just 15 weeks, we took the brief from concept to conference, iterating on details daily until we had a design that exceeded expectations and could still be fabricated, assembled, and working in time.

The installation was so successful it went on tour after the conference, from Los Angeles to San Francisco and beyond.

Art Direction + Design
Graphics + Illustrations

DESIGN TEAM Creative Direction: Priscilla Gomez
Art Direction + Design: Sean Kelly, Andy Ray Wong
Generative Artwork: Matt DesLauriers
Agency: Critical Mass

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