Logos + Lettering

Fonts can be great, but hand-made letters are always one-of-a-kind. I take every opportunity to draw custom lettering, whether for logos, clothing, events, websites, or books.

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▲ Bored wordmark

You can’t wear pixels, so I appreciate any chance to make graphic design wearable. I contributed a few renditions of the namesake of a limited edition clothing brand.

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Design Systems Digital brand & UI systems

Mobile + Fintech Mobile payments, PFM

Web Design Collected web design


Norwegian Redesign Ecomm UX/UI

Amex Serve Apps Product design UX/UI

Bellhop Assistant Voice Chat/TV UX/UI

Nike+ Running App Mobile UX/UI


Wove Brand identity system

With/Stand Brand identity

Leaps Experiential activation

Logos+Lettering Custom type & graphics